New Here

(( A good friend of mine showed me this community and got me to join, so here I am. I've been reading some entries and I think I'm going to like this place.
So, I'll be playing the lovable Hidan.
And I am a chick, but feel free to call me Luxord or Lu.

Oh, and my MSN:

High school tends to kill people, so I will mostly likely update on weekends. D: ))

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8th grade. Tests tests tests. I won't be very active (I never was, really).

I'm sorry u_u My homework suxx0rs and I really have to study harder if I want to go to our school's high school department.

You'll see me commenting more than posting in journal though =p

Yes. That's it. I'm not dead. Not quite alive either. o.o;

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(OOC: I am having a small hiatus due to college-related stuff, junior-year pains, and overload-advance classes. I will continue to RP. Although I no longer have access to a computer from home, I do take tons of Graphic Design classes that involve tons of Macs. So plz, do not erase me. This is just a head's up. chimeko)

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You probably all saw this coming. >_> But I recently started school again, with nine classes this time around, and plenty of homework to boot. I'm afraid I'm going to have to drop playing Gai around here. D:

It was nice roleplaying with you all, even if I wasn't the most active of people. >_>;;;