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lolz_narurp's Journal

LOLZ Naruto RP!
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LOLZ Naruto RP!

Welcome to LNRP, A humorous Naruto-based Roleplay universe with no real set storylines or logical ties to the Naruto Manga Universe. Basically, it's not meant to be serious -- it's meant to be fun and entertaining -- a nice little place to creatively relieve stress and the likes, since not all tightly-serious Naruto RPG Communities like Hyper Gaaras or Overly-femininely-gay Itachis.

[Rulsies / Information]
1) Be sure to update your character journal actively, even if it's just a really silly entry about one of the other characters who you might have spotted flouncing about in a frilly pink apron. One entry every two weeks would be really nice, but if you can't manage that for some reason, don't fret about it -- just keep the mods informed. Also, if your character is unable to make a journal entry for in-character reasons, don't worry about this rule at all. Surely you can't write a journal entry while you're tied up in Itachi's basement, hmm?

2) I know we're a silly, crack rpg-based community, but Good Spelling and Grammar are very much loved, but we won't bite down on you very hard about this -- mistakes are human, aye? Just remember -- excessive chatspeak is a little hurting on the eyes and should be avoided unless apropriate for the situation / character text etc.

3) Community is Yaoi/Yuri/Het/Incest/TeacherxStudent/etc FRIENDLY. Sorry, but if you don't like it don't come here.

4) If content is exceedingly mature (NC-17+ etc), put it under LJ-Cut and provide a OOC warning -- at least then you won't get in trouble for non-kiddy-and-non-worksafe materials, which stops arguments :D

5) Journal entries should be written in first person, present tense. All rps should be in third person, past tense. Log your RPs, then post to the community for easier access, okay?

6) Long posts (Over 300-400 words) should be also placed under an LJ-Cut so as not to stretch out other people's pages too much. (Information on LJ Cuts)

7) Please no God-Moding or Power-Playing, and so forth. Though it's okay to mention / use a currently un-claimed character in a very minor part, you shouldn't over-use this privilage too much and members should always ask permission before using someone elses character.

8) If roleplays you post in the community are private, please state so in OOC. this'll avoid any nasty trip-ups :)

9) MSN is PREFERRED, though not compulsary. With MSN, Admins can gather groups to chat with on short notice if something arises etc -- That is all.

10) Don't fight with each other, and don't let OOC happenings affect your IC actions towards another player. If you have a problem with someone, take it up with them. Don't make a public screamfest.

HAVE FUN. It doesn't matter if you're roleplaying crack or serious here, as long as you're enjoying yourselves :)

[Character Information]

Before applying, be sure to check out the Taken Characters listing to avoid applying for an already claimed Naruto character. We will not accept OC applications, sorry.

To apply, simply fill out the following:

Character's Name:
Your Personal Livejournal:
* As of the 20th of July, 2006, Administrators will now be judging application acceptances depending on their inclusion of things like MSN. While this will not rule out non-MSN users from applying, if two applications for a character are equally good, but only one has an MSN name, Administrators will most likely lean in favor towards the one with MSN

Only Character Applications sent to Morallity@Gmail.com will be answered. Some applications may be reviewed by all admins, and we may occassionally request for examples / new applications, particularly if the character applied for has been taken by someone else and hasn't been listed yet.

If you're accepted, you'll be mailed a reply asking you to kindly make a journal for your character and request permission to join the community from that character account. Once approved, feel free to jump in and start having fun!

[Links and Places to be Aquainted With]
Taken Characters
Extra Tibits of Community Information
Aki's spanktacular list of Potential Characters for the Potential Joiner :)

Pants/BellyLickage/Sasuke (Main Administrator): PantsNinja
Torn/Tawrn/Naruto (Secondary Administrator / Journal Specialist / Supervisor): Alchemeist
Aki/ForkNinja/Kakashi (Secondary Administrator / Character Management): Reakuu